You think you know everything about the “Venice of the North”? Have you visited the “Rosenstadt Eutin” in Holstein Switzerland quite a few times and you can not imagine another holiday in the Dutch province of Groningen?

Wrong thinking, because there is something new to discover everywhere. We reveal details of the different regions and how attractive a trip to Eutin or a mini-cruise with Tallink Silja can be.

Through innovative concepts the speech convinces, with new ideas we revive culture. We organize press trips and show local journalists why art in Groningen is on the street, there is a tree with its own postal address in Eutin and the long-awaited vacation already starts on the ships of Tallink Silja. Of course, both press texts and events, newsletters on regional events, cross-media campaigns and the placement of raffle cooperations are part of our repertoire.

Because one thing is certain: planning and implementing travel – that’s what everyone really likes.

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