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Germany based public relations consultants are looking for you

Hello! Glad you could make it. Because that means you are interested in us.

Welcome to Dederichs Reinecke & Partner – Agency for Public Relations.

Yeah, that’s right – pretty long name. Internally we simply say DRP. Let us explain the name to you, because it already tells you a lot about the whole agency.

The agency was founded in 1996 by Oliver Dederichs and Thomas Reinecke. Oliver and Thomas are still managing partners, so we are a classic owner-managed agency based in Hamburg. For you, owner-managed means above all that you have a job that is not subject to the profit optimisation of a network. In plain language: we find Hire and Fire stupid. If you lose your budget, we always try to absorb this across all units. We find lacquered glass offices just as stupid. That’s why we are where we are – and have been since 1996.

The Hamburger Schanze not only has the most lunch tables in the world, no – it is simply a great place to work and above all to live. Because here you don’t get the idea that Hafencity is reality. Well, there are a lot of tourists here now, but 16 years ago it wasn’t like that. The angular and unvarnished of this time still characterizes the self-conception of the agency. Rather a jump than a Rothenbaumchaussee, more an Elbe than an Alster, more a tug than a pleasure boat. We prefer that you are crumpled in the morning, but have experienced something exciting in the evening, than that you drive to Fischbek in your final row house and watch “Bauer sucht Frau”.

We don’t think it’s cool for employees to get free pizza and a taxi after 10 pm. Because to be a competent consultant you have to absorb as much information as possible. That doesn’t work at your desk. The media landscape is undergoing a gigantic process of upheaval, without really good ideas you can’t be heard anymore.

For really good ideas you need inspiration. We see ourselves as a creative agency and not as “news announcers”. This is not fulfilled by ´nen crazy beard or freaked out shoes, but by the constant demand on one’s own work.

“Public Relations Agency”? Why not “PR-Agency”? We somehow like the seriousness of the word public relations, because it reflects the demands we make of our work. In addition, from our point of view, the term “public relations work” better reflects many of our activities, which are not always associated in the learned definition of PR. Because we also conceive and design classic advertisements, websites, banners, apps, social media appearances, flyers and documents for POS and sales.

The reason why we work in this agency and not in a management consultancy? Because we enjoy working with people and not with numbers. By the way, others also see it that way: Link

Fun is the nucleus of this agency. As so often with brands, this has to do with the founding sequence. Thomas and Olli started working for leisure destinations. Sea Life aquariums, Madame Tussauds, Space Center, Nürburgring, Formula One – all places where fun and enjoyment are what counts. Only those who have fun at work can inspire. That has made us successful. By the way, we only work for customers, products and services that we like. So you won’t find arms companies, pharmaceutical companies and hedge funds on our customer list. But we focus on entertainment, luxury food, lifestyle and automotive. So, you think everyone can say that? Then we should meet.

Our colleague Ina Freilinger is looking forward to your Call.

Ina Freilinger:
040 / 20 91 98 262