Magnum Chocolate

Chocolate with the crack

Ice cream – Chocolate – Knack – Magnum. For almost 30 years, the brand has managed to position ice cream on a stick as a must-have treat, so to speak. Perhaps the most important ingredient for this success: the chocolate with the Magnum crunch. But hardly anyone knew that it was also available without the popsicle.

To change this, Importhaus Wilms, license partner of Magnum and marketer of Magnum chocolate in Germany, came to us at the beginning of 2017. Our mission: to bring Magnum chocolate out of the shadow of its oversized ice cream sister and onto the stage. Our way: an analog influencer campaign.

We developed a strategy that focused on relevance and appreciation, and combined this in the „I like what you do“ platform. As a central element, we chose a medium that intentionally broke with digital communication habits – a handwritten letter. The result proves the approach right: via a purely analog route, the words reached the heart of the counterpart and the product made it into their socials. In short: product and addressee received the attention they deserved.

To help Magnum chocolate step out of the shadow of its big ice cream sister – that was our mission, for which we chose an analog influencer campaign that gave the product the attention it deserved. This assignment won the PR Report Award 2018.