Europe based pr agency for Change Communications

European Public Relations made in Germany

People do not like changes. They want everything to stay like it has been for ages. Sounds simple but this is really our experience.

For the last 20 years our team has guided and maneuvered big and small companies through many different processes of change. And as you already knew, communication is the essential ingredient in every successful transformation that involves people.

Our role in this is to lead, motivate and keep the calm. Our view from the outside helps creating and explaining the big picture of the shift that has to be executed. To the workforce as well as to management.

And all this is about honesty. It’s about a continuous dialogue and about listening to all the players affected bei the change. It’s all about real humans, with real needs and real worries. Straightforward explanations at eye level is what your company and your employees want and deserve.


Oliver Dederichs studied business administration, language and communication, media and public relations at Leuphana University Lüneburg.

In 1996, he was one of the founding partners of the agency, which has won several national and international awards for the quality and creativity of its work. His consulting focuses are change and crisis communication as well as strategy consulting. Together with his team, he accompanies SMEs and international corporations through strategy development, crisis and / or change processes. Oliver Dederichs is a lecturer at the Academy of Journalism. His main focus here is the training and further education of PR consultants.

In his free time, the native of Hamburg and father of two daughters screwed more or less successfully to old Vespa sheet metal rollers.