Media Training by EUROPEAN PR Agency

sovereignty in appearance: knowing what is coming, knowing what to do

Media Training made in Germany

Not everyone is born as a pro when the spotlight comes on. But officials and leaders of companies and organisations need to be prepared for this. We do trainings for the protagonists to stay calm and in control when the critical questions pop up. We show you and your staff how to stay on top of your game and get your views and points across in an authentic and credible way.

Our trainingsessions prepare for all the different scenarios. Be it the release of a product, a crisis situation or the full on press conference

Because not every situation or question can be anticipated, we will prepare participants with a technique that will let them adapt the communication to any question asked. This involves quite a bit of work and is not done within a day. But our experience shows us that the effort is worth it. We will train and test participants in a number of sessions till they are confident in every situation.



After completing his training as a precision mechanic, André Schmidt began his law studies and graduated as a lawyer.

Even before his studies, the Hamburg and two-time family man discovered his passion for journalism. After several years and various stations in TV and print, among others at the Axel Springer Verlag, he then joined us in the PR consulting. André Schmidt has presumably prepared, led and accompanied several hundred interviews in TV and print over the last 20 years, both as a journalist and PR consultant and as press spokesman. This mix makes him one of the few PR consultants and media trainers in Germany who knows all sides and needs in practice.

André Schmidt prepares executives, board members and press spokespersons for the challenges of media work in a consistent and very practical way with the 3-C-Principle he has developed.