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Influencer Relations made in Germany

Today’s stars: Influencers 

They are loved, they are adored and they all have one thing in common: clout.  

Influencers are not just self-promoting celebrities basking in fame and money. From the snack-making mum over the DIY carpenter to the Scandinavian fashion queen – influencers are as diverse as the target groups they address.  

That’s why we are convinced to use these personalities as brand ambassadors. Why does this work so well? Unlike celebrities from the world of gossip or television, influencers have built up a relationship with their followers through their own social media presence, which creates trust and community.  

With micro influencing, seeding tactics, brand relations or invitation management, we build relationships and create a brand experience. Whether in the area of food, family, automotive or entertainment.   

For our excellent work, we therefore received the PR Award in the category Influencer and Media Relations for Magnum Schokolade.

If you have any questions about influencer relations, please contact Raphaela Künzle.