holi: This app brings about change!

25. September 2023

We want to achieve good things with our work. How good that this is also the goal of our new customer holi. Founded by Benjamin Otto, Janina Lin Otto and Piet Mahler, the Hamburg-based start-up has recognized the problem that nonprofit organizations could use even […]

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Torqeedo: Fullpower on the water!

20. July 2023

Electric cars are now an integral part of our everyday lives on the roads, but conventional combustion engines still dominate in water transport. Worldwide, only a fracction of boats are electrified – which is clearly still too little in our eyes! Together with Torqeedo, the […]

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Lime: Let’s juice it up!

20. February 2023

E-scooters on the sidewalk – it’s a pain in the ass. Everyone thinks so, we think so too. The problem must be solved. The good news is: the solution is at hand. Because the most important step is a shift in public perception. Our approach: […]

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Fight on microplastics

6. February 2023

The pollution of the world’s oceans by microplastics is a well-known problem with far-reaching consequences. According to a study by Newcastle University, each person ingests an average of five grams of microplastic per week through their drinking water. We are therefore very pleased to be […]

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24. November 2022

For almost a year now, we have been working to offset the agency’s carbon footprint. Today, we can proudly announce that all professional and private activities of our employees are climate neutral.    The agency and its employees produce greenhouse gases. We can limit this, but […]

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Here comes the sun!

24. June 2022

In times when greenwashing is practiced by every second company, we are delighted to have found a brand for which sustainability is not just an empty phrase. Sono Motors wants to add an important factor to New Mobility with the company’s own solar technology and […]

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30. May 2022

Our customer family has had a baby, and we are thrilled. Speaking of offspring – our new customer knows all about that. Babini, formerly BABYWELT, is not only the largest consumer fair for babies in the DACH region. Babini is the absolute “place to be” […]

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Electric drive instead of a combustion engine

3. May 2022

What moves is sometimes even more exciting when it does so quickly. And hardly anything is changing more rapidly than mobility. If you think we’re going to announce a new client from the hyper sports car segment, you’re barking up the wrong tree. We have […]

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With an app against food waste

26. April 2022

According to Welthungerhilfe, in Germany alone around 75 kg of food per capita ends up in the bin every year. But not only in private households, but also in the catering industry, far too much food is still being thrown away. The app Choco has […]

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Those who sleep better are more beautiful awake

3. February 2022

People who sleep well not only have fewer wrinkles on their faces in the morning, but also a full battery and a much better mood. And because sleep is the most natural thing in the world, the corresponding accessories, i.e. mattresses or bed linen, should […]

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Anything but thin ice for DRP

26. November 2021

Since 1943, the world’s most successful ice show HOLIDAY ON ICE has thrilled its audience every year with a completely new show. The ingredients: Acrobatics and figure skating at the highest level with elements of theater, dance, opera, pop, magic and musical. The result: world-class […]

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Green hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future? DRP is on board!

3. November 2021

Of course, we see battery-powered electromobility as the way forward for passenger car propulsion. But how can we decarbonise industries for which the switch to battery-powered e-mobility would be neither economically nor energetically efficient? The start-up Hy2gen provides concrete answers to these questions with the […]

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DRP wins rebuy: Agenda setting for recommerce and circular economy

26. October 2021

“Already today, almost one in three sells things from their own household to consciously contribute to the circular economy. This is a good start, but this share should become larger in the future.” Says Philipp Gattner, CEO of the recommerce company rebuy, and wants to close the gap […]

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Taste explosion

5. October 2021

Crisp manufacturer KETTLE® has stood for high-quality products and natural ingredients since 1982. The potatoes come from local suppliers around the KETTLE® plant and the chips are hand-fried before being refined according to their own recipes. The mission: to inspire as many taste lovers as […]

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Crossing Borders

30. September 2021

Getting rid of your old used car in an uncomplicated way and getting the best price at the same time? The new digital platform Driverama makes exactly that possible. Driverama thinks the used car trade bigger and operates across Europe with sophisticated AI technology and […]

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9. July 2021

What would life be without Parmesan cheese? So bleak. That’s why we look after the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium. The Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the oldest cheeses in the world. It is an all-natural cheese that gets its special and unique flavour from its long ripening periods. The production process is controlled by the Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano, which guarantees and protects the quality and authenticity of the product. Genuine Parmigiano Reggiano can only come from one place: the protected area of origin, which includes the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Mantua on the right bank of the Po and Bologna on the left bank of the Reno. To make sure that everyone […]

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9. July 2021

Warm, humid air, animal sounds from the thicket of the jungle, a timeless place where nature still dominates – this is the home of Don Papa. Distilled on the island of Negros Occidental, locally known as Sugarlandia, Don Papa carries the sunny side of its island origins. As the first  Premium Single Island Rum from the Philippines, Don Papa is celebrating global success. Pure Negros sugar cane forms the base for the rum’s sweet, smooth taste and long, complex aftertaste with notes of vanilla, honey and candied fruits. To give us all […]

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The future is driven electric

8. July 2021

We love innovations. Especially when they help to master current challenges in terms of mobility and the environment. Like our new client Fastned – one of the leading developers and operators of fast charging infrastructure in Europe. And we love PR: because it helps to […]

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20. April 2021

Bicycles are a fine thing. Cheap to buy, clean for the environment and good for your tummy. For years, arguments against these three good reasons included the inner pig, the unwillingness to arrive sweaty at the office or having to ride long distances uphill. At […]

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🧰 Finally a DIY Startup

4. March 2021

There are tasks that can only be solved by analog. Drilling holes in walls – no app can do that. Sanding the floor. Pumping out the basement — I think you get the point. To make all these small and large jobs easy to do, […]

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18. December 2020

Soberly speaking, you can also lead a happy life with apple juice from a tetrapack or lukewarm water without fizz. And if we drink alcohol, then of course only in homeopathic doses. Well, most of us. During the day. What we actually wanted to say: […]

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Comeback of community content: DRP makes PR for social lifestyle app mylivn

18. November 2020

Let’s face it: Somewhere along the way, social media has lost its social. There is hardly anything really community-driven about it anymore. It’s no longer the users themselves who determine the content, but an algorithm determined by the advertising customer. The Munich startup mylivn wants […]

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DRP wins PR budget from auto data professional Carly

19. October 2020

With the car it is the same as with every good relationship: What is loved needs to be understood. What is missing in my car? Is it all right? Is what the garage told me really true? With its technology software and hardware, the globally […]

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🛒 Communication for customer understanders

13. August 2020

With customer loyalty it’s the same as in any good relationship: if you don’t know your counterpart, you may land a lucky strike, but it will probably remain a one-night stand. In short: If you as a retailer or service provider do not know your […]

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🚘 Bytes on wheels

26. June 2020

A paper folder as storage for vehicle and insurance data is even more eighties than the light emitting diodes in the dashboard of the Nightrider. Today’s mobility issues are all about sharing concepts, alternative drives, ranges, UI/UX and of course data. For over a decade […]

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We have something to tell you.

5. May 2020

“When it comes to internal communication in times of crisis, team members expect fast, clear and honest information. And they tolerate the full truth much better than most managers believe. Whether it’s about short-time work, plant closure or relocation – plain language is the order […]

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🌐 DRP in the Comvort-Zone

13. March 2020

With a clear position and competence we control the communication of our customers not only through the domestic sea, but for many years also in international waters. We play all relevant disciplines in the interest of our clients: analogue, digital, social – from conception, creation […]

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🍃 Team Green

23. January 2020

Granted – in terms of consistent sustainability we have so far been rather “always striving”. Sure, we have been separating waste and using green electricity for years, but there are also construction sites everywhere at DRP: From heating and ventilation to business trips and our […]

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9. January 2020

The CES Las Vegas is not only the world’s largest trade show when it comes to electronics, gadgets and future technologies, but also for years our best holiday experience just after the holidays. For our customers BYTON and Ibeo Automotive we have been there again […]

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5. December 2019

For many years, we have been preparing our customers to steer through crises with secure communication. This is not rocket science, but depends on good preparation for possible scenarios, the definition of clear processes and sensible follow-up. Oliver Dederichs and his DRP crisis team now […]

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BYTON at it´s Best

22. November 2019

For about two years now we have been supporting our customer BYTON with international PR work on their way from a bold electric car vision to series production. Various trade fair appearances, events and media appointments in Las Vegas, Shanghai, Pebble Beach and Santa Clara, […]

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Storytelling with bits and bytes: DRP wins CELLULAR

2. October 2019

For 20 years, the digital agency CELLULAR has been guiding clients such as ZDF, TUI Cruises and TV feature films through all phases of digital transformation. Agency boss Panos Meyer doesn’t mince his words with his industry podcast Behind the Screens, and his Agencies for […]

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World Premiere of the BYTON M-Byte at the IAA

20. September 2019

Around 500 international journalists at the press conference. Over 200 editorial teams and reporters in individual discussions. More than 3,000 reports throughout Europe in the first five days. The media success around the IAA premiere of the smart electric car BYTON M-Byte makes us proud […]

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⚓️LiDAR-Grüße aus Hamburg…

10. September 2019

…to China. The LiDAR technology (abbreviation for light detection and ranging) from our customer Ibeo is an important component for the safe autonomous navigation of all types of vehicles. Many experts are already predicting that the first roads with Robo cars will be built in […]

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Sacred sheet metal…

5. August 2019

Sometimes we just work. Provided you press the right buttons. Chrome and bling bling, white wall tyres and open carburettors – classic vehicles give a pleasant goose bump to a not inconsiderable number of our dear colleagues here at DRP. Thanks to the New Stadtpark […]

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Excellent Family Ties

25. April 2019

Even though we think it’s a great team, we know that blood is thicker than water. Our families give us strength and inspiration, our partners keep their backs free, our children make our lives complete. Without them, we would not be what we are. So, […]

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Home game in the Harbor

17. April 2019

The Port of Hamburg we love. Relax at the beach pearl. Fish roll on the hand. Astra tuber in the fist. 24-hour shifts in the container terminal. Maloche for doers. And on the harbor ferries let a stiff breeze blow around your nose. Okay – […]

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Airy for the lutches

5. April 2019

We know our way around with communication for the little ones. After all, we have not only successfully looked after clients such as Ergo Baby or Tula for years, most of our colleagues have children of their own and know from their own experience that […]

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13. March 2019

25-30 hrs / week, especially as a re-entry after parental leave. The task: You advise our customers in the lifestyle and family sectors and develop together with the team cross-media communication concepts. You can always find new communication approaches and topics and understand how to […]

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Clean thing: With the super-sucker against mega-Mief

16. January 2019

Fine dust, nitrogen oxides, pollen – we find the life in the city super, but sometimes just very awkward. “Must not be,” thought clever developers from northern Germany and invented the city purifier Purevento. The sucked on a large scale polluted air z. B. from […]

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What happens in Vegas …

3. January 2019

… soon the whole world knows. Provided you do it right. In January 2018, at the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show, CES, we teamed up with Chinese and US colleagues to show what smart mobility means in times of autonomous driving, measurement, 5G and […]

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Shared mastery: Do not be afraid of Terminator

3. December 2018

Lernende Maschinen sorgen bei vielen Menschen für Gänsehaut. Bei einigen aus Angst und leichtem Grusel, bei anderen aus lauter Vorfreude auf das, was da auf uns zukommt. Wir sind heiß auf neue Technik und glauben an die Chancen, die diese mit sich bringt. Aber ein […]

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Thick “P” from the Spree. Influencer made happy. PR award sacked in 2018.

14. November 2018

And zack … there it is! The thick “P” from the Spree. We are proud as Bolle: For our influencer campaign “I like what you do” for Magnum chocolate, we have been awarded the 2018 PR Award in the Influencer and Media Relations category. The […]

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The price is hot. We are hotter.

8. November 2018

Las Vegas, Milan, Shanghai, Schanze … For about a year, we have been ensuring with our PR that the whole of Europe is looking forward to the smart electric cars of the manufacturer BYTON. For the approach of leaving the beaten path of classic automobile […]

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Firm and fluffy – communicating with cashmere

29. August 2018

Casual, luxurious, stylish – our lifestyle unit is thrilled with the new customer C.P.TWENTYNINE, who makes people more beautiful with premium cashmere, jersey and fancy yarn essentials. Over 300 retailers, who already recommend the collections of the Hamburg fashion label to their customers, prove that […]

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UFC® and DRP go into the third round

8. June 2018

With around 280 million fans, UFC® is the world’s largest pay-per-view event organizer. About 40 live events are broadcast annually in 163 countries, reaching more than a billion TV households. The athletes who compete with each other in the Octagon in a mix of different […]

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Mobility 4.0 – DRP makes PR for LIDAR developer Ibeo

9. April 2018

As the world’s leading developer of automotive LIDAR systems, Ibeo has been developing various systems for optical distance and speed measurement in road traffic for some 20 years. Ibeo uses laser scanners, LIDAR systems (acronym of light detection and ranging). Even today, LIDAR technology makes […]

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Kid stuff! We inspire influencers for Baby Tula

12. February 2018

Great. The children of the DRP executive board are already in their teenage years and now we’re winning the Blogger and Influencer Relations budget for Baby Tula. They make pretty stylish baby and toddler wear, baby blankets and kids rucksacks. What we are pleased about: […]

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Puppy protection over: Three new apprentices successfully brought into the pack

7. December 2017

Trial time is over. After about five months of training, our trainees Niklas Wittkämper, Patrick Möller and Lion Stoldt have officially lost their puppy protection and are now fully-fledged pack members. The two prospective merchants marketing communication (Patrick and Lion) and office management (Niklas) were […]

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The drops sucked

5. October 2017

From the conception through the design of Facebook ads and the landing page via accompanying POS materials to the sampling of journalists – with a Facebook product test campaign for Pulmoll we are currently playing the fresh air polka on the social campaigning keyboard for […]

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PR with heart and cucumber

7. September 2017

Founded in 1722 as a vinegar brewery, the Hamburg-based company Kühne is today the most successful European delicatessen manufacturer has long written food history. From classics like Kühne cucumbers or red cabbage over mustard and salad dressings up to innovative products such as vegetable chips […]

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Nerd Alert: DRP wins Speedlink

17. July 2017

From the USB mouse to the gaming keyboard – in terms of office and PC games accessories, the Speedlink brand has a European-wide reputation. So that everyone knows, we have taken over as European lead agency, the PR, social media and influencer communication. The good […]

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If the prince goes social

5. May 2017

Wir verzichten jetzt mal auf alle lustigen Wortspiele von Elefanten im Porzellanladen, Scherben, die Glück bringen und „Drinnen nur Kännchen“. Stattdessen freuen wir uns einfach einmal wieder. Über einen tollen neuen Kunden, das Museum Schloss Fürstenberg. Es bietet einen Ausflug in drei Jahrhunderte Geschichte einer […]

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DRP gives gas for KROSCHKE

30. March 2017

After a multi-level pitch, DRP has won the PR budget of the Kroschke group of companies. In various individual companies, the Kroschke Group offers a variety of vehicle registration services – and has done so for six decades now. From the production of license plates […]

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DRP wins the International German PR Prize 2017

24. March 2017

We are happy – and that is even very nice. We won the International German PR Prize 2017 in Munich last night. Congratulations to all the colleagues who worked on it. A big thank you also to our colleagues from Foodboom and an even bigger […]

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PR with heart and fin? Is us salmon! And skrei! And fjord trout anyway!

28. February 2017

is one of the healthiest and most diverse foods ever. Crystal-clear fjords and nutrient-rich waters off the Norwegian coast guarantee perfect quality; strict fishing quotas ensure high sustainability. Whether salmon, cod, skrei or fjord trout, carefully caught wild catch or from sustainable aquaculture – fish […]

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DRP gives rubber for Nexen

27. February 2017

With a wide range of high-quality tires, the Korean manufacturer Nexen Tire is also winning over more and more German customers. For Nexen we turn the corner – with targeted social advertising, content production and community management on Facebook and Co. “With great products and […]

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16. February 2017

Only the best ingredients come into the communication mix to make the soup manufacturer Sonnen Bassermann tasty. With a touch of corporate communication, a bit of blogger relations and a good dose of product PR, we ensure the right spice and delicious communication. And when […]

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Bittersweet marmalade tradition

8. December 2016

The fruity-tart jam from Bitterorangen is as British as the corgis of the Queen. For the successful positioning of the English original Chivers in Germany, DRP develops and realizes a communication strategy including a comprehensive PR and social media package, as well as blogger relations. […]

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… you horny mile

1. November 2016

After five successful years in Berlin and over two million visitors in Berlin, Udo Lindenberg is finally rocking the Reeperbahn with his musical – so that everyone is aware of this, the DRP entertainment team once again handles the handling of the media premiere and […]

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One more.

12. October 2016

Carsten Skansen (41) is the new name in the DRP Social Media Unit. The graduate historian and Englishman looks back on approximately ten years of agency experience. At agencies such as Interone or Elbdudler, he was in charge of clients such as Panasonic, comdirect or […]

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The Ax in the Black Forest: DRP launches Black Forest Ginger

15. June 2016

For the better: Under the umbrella brand Black Forest Ginger, from May 2016, two organic ginger beers will be offered in the upscale gastronomy and beverage trade. The special feature of the delicious ginger drinks with the distinctive golden ax in the logo: Both the […]

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Everything is new in May

23. March 2016

And we will do it. In May, the newly redesigned “Pearl Hamburg” Passage (formerly HSH Nordbank Passage) will open the doors to Hamburg for 15 million euros. We are pleased to be able to design the Facebook Community Management and to communicate alongside the Rindermarkthalle […]

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DRP in the baby rush

11. February 2016

As always, the young is our top priority. We now support and advise the baby carrier specialist ergobaby on public relations and on all social media activities. Ergobaby revolutionized the baby care market in 2002 with the first Original Comfort Carrier, developing ergonomic, comfortable and […]

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The gecko is alive!

11. December 2015

Sometimes it has to be fast. For example in the automotive industry. Only about two weeks passed from the first call of Wiesmann Automotive GmbH to the complete organization of the kick-off press conference to revive this legendary German sports car manufacturer. In addition to […]

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28. September 2015

The zombies are coming! We are happy to take over the Facebook budget for the DVD and Blu-ray release of “Fear the Walking Dead” on behalf of Splendid Film. Fear the Walking Dead is the spin-off of the extremely popular zombie series “The Walking Dead” […]

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La Dolce Vita in the hill

8. September 2015

We roll in the barrel. The Italian family-owned company Mazzetti, known for its high-quality balsamic vinegar from Modena, is now being advised by DRP in this country. The best ingredients, noble wooden barrels and a lot of time – this is how the cooked black […]

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DRP in the shoe rush

7. April 2015

“These boots are made for walking” is now called by us. From now on we advise LLOYD Shoes on PR and social media. The manufacturer of exclusive men’s and women’s shoes has been producing in Germany since 1888 and exports to more than 60 countries. […]

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Now is tapped

26. March 2015

From the US arenas directly into the hill: From now on we advise Bottoms Up Beer Germany in terms of PR and social media. In the US, Bottoms Up Beer has long since caused a sensation – now the world’s fastest dispensing system is also […]

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DRP at the Hamburg Founders Day

20. March 2015

Daniel Sautter, Head of Social Media at Dederichs Reinecke & Partner, will be a speaker at the Hamburg Founders’ Day on Saturday, March 21, 2015. In his talk, he tells interested founders and those who want to become something about social media and for whom […]

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DRP is knocking on wood

6. March 2015

Von wegen bodenlos – Velkommen BOEN in der Schanze. Mit dem Parketthersteller BOEN aus Norwegen freut sich Dederichs Reinecke & Partner über einen tollen neuen Kunden, für den ab sofort alle deutschsprachigen Social-Media-Aktivitäten verantwortet werden.

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5. March 2015

In the hill it smells seductively of chocolate: From now on we are advising MONBANA, the exclusive chocolate manufacturer from France, on PR matters. The family business is the French market leader for fine drinking chocolates and innovative cup side dishes and has been run […]

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DRP nominated for PR Report Awards

4. March 2015

Who the f *** is Oscar? For the PR industry in Germany the PR Report Awards are more. Dederichs Reinecke & Partner is pleased to be nominated again in 2015. This time in the section “Issues and Reputation Management” with the project “Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli”. […]

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We have honey in our heads!

16. December 2014

Dederichs Reinecke & Partner takes over PR for Four Music For the Berlin record label Four Music, we are now taking over the PR for the soundtrack of the new Til Schweiger film “Honey in the head”. The eponymous soundtrack as well as the single […]

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We are under power. And that sustainable!

13. August 2014

Dederichs Reinecke & Partner is responsible for the publicity of the brand ReeVOLT! of the Mecklenburg eco-energy company WEMAG Since July, Dederichs Reinecke & Partner (DRP) has been supporting and advising Schwerin’s green electricity supplier WEMAG with its ReeVOLT brand! With the ReeVOLT! System, WEMAG […]

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DRP Case in the current PR Report

6. June 2014

Unser bei den PR Awards in der Kategorie „Kreativität und innovative Idee“ nominierte Case „Vote on the Road für BlaBlacar“ im aktuellen PR Report!

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2. April 2014

Dederichs Reinecke & Partner (DRP) is making screwdrivers’ hearts and sparking candle fans happy and is now taking care of NGK Deutschland’s presence on the social web. NGK is the world’s largest spark plug manufacturer and sponsor of numerous motorsport teams, including in the Formula […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner nominated for the PR Report Award.

5. March 2014

Hamburg, March 5, 2014. Dederichs Reinecke & Partner is again nominated for the PR Report Award. In the category “creativity and innovative idea” stands the project “Vote on the road” for the customer BlaBlaCar, Europe’s largest carpool, in front of the jury. As always, the […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner takes over vitamin B public relations

9. January 2014

Hamburg, January 9, 2014. Dederichs Reinecke & Partner (DRP) is further expanding its Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Unit and gaining support: Birgit Brycz will start her career as Senior Consultant at DRP in the New Year and will head the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Business […]

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Jessica Schmidt back at Dederichs Reinecke & Partner

19. November 2013

Hamburg, November 19, 2013. At home, it’s the most beautiful: After interim stations at achtung! and Edelman, where she worked as Senior Consultant and Team Leader for clients such as eBay, Sonos and Unilever, returns Jessica Schmidt (36) to Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel after three years. At […]

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International German PR Prize 2013: Dederichs Reinecke & Partner wins for the third time

28. October 2013

For the third year in a row, Dederichs Reinecke & Partner (DRP) wins the International German PR Prize. The Hamburgers were able to convince the jury with their project “ErlebnisRegion 2020” for the customer Wolfsburg AG. After 2011 and 2012, the most prestigious German PR […]

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Motorsport meets E-Mobility: FIA Formel E focuses on PR competence from the hill

19. August 2013

They are fast … they are silent and they do not stink – Formula E racing cars are almost the eco ninjas in motorsport. And they soon conquer Berlin. From 2015, the e-mobile Formula E racing cars will race across the asphalt of the former […]

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24. June 2013

Once again we are nominated for the International German PR Award. This time we were able to convince with our project of the “ErlebnisRegion2020” in the category “Associations and Public Institutions”. See you at the awards ceremony on the 25th of October and keep your […]

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PR with pine! Toscana test days for Suzuki SX4

17. April 2013

Auf dem Genfer Autosalon 2013 feierte der neue Suzuki SX4 Weltpremiere. Markantes Crossover-Styling, viel Platz für Passagiere und Gepäck, eine Allradtechnologie der neusten Generation und herausragende Features für passive und aktive Sicherheit – Suzuki wird damit einmal mehr seiner Rolle als Experte im Allrad- und […]

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DRP lets the cat out of the bag!

18. February 2013

How to Gave Gas with Bloggers and Co? What makes content king? And if you let the cat out of the bag, how do you get it in there first? As part of Social Media Week 2013, DRP’s social media experts are answering these and […]

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That tastes good! DRP makes PR for the INTERNORGA 2013

7. February 2013

Auf der INTERNORGA werden seit 1921 die Trends für morgen präsentiert. Das finden wir lecker! DRP unterstützt die INTERNORGA 2013 im Bereich PR-Strategie und Umsetzung. Die INTERNORGA in Hamburg ist seit 1921 die europäische Leitmesse für Hotellerie, Gastronomie, Gemeinschaftsverpflegung, Bäckereien und Konditoreien. Mehr als 1.200 […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner lets the cat out of the bag at the Social Media Week

2. February 2013

It’s about social media, cats and real beef! On the occasion of the Social Media Week in Hamburg, which takes place from 18 to 22 February, the Hamburg PR agency Dederichs Reinecke & Partner invites interested parties to the topic of content management. It is […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner wins International German PR Award for the second year in a row

27. October 2012

After the coveted award was brought to the Schanzenviertel last year with the World Cup Oracle Krake Paul, the image campaign for the trotting track Hamburg in the category “staging and live communication” was able to convince. With a series of exciting “Hamburger Events”, the […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner organizes exclusive press conference for Flanders-Brussels Tourism

20. September 2012

The young savages of Flemish cooking are not only revolutionizing the gastronomy in Belgium. Hamburg also enjoyed yesterday’s Flemish specialties at the press conference organized by Flanders-Brussels. Top chef Reinout Reniere seduced 17 high-profile media representatives with his modern, artistic kitchen. Prepared in the Sturmfreie […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner is still dancing on the social media stage for Stage Entertainment

2. August 2012

The Stage Entertainment Touring Productions Germany has commissioned the Hamburg PR agency Dederichs Reinecke & Partner with the community development and community management of three other productions that are touring across the country from autumn onwards. In addition to a fast-paced reissue of the legendary […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner launches 3-year EU campaign “Sure is delicious”

5. June 2012

However, last year’s EHEC crisis has shown how widespread uncertainty can come when consumers are misinformed or inadequately informed. Within a short time, the Germans not only banished the cucumber, which was unjustly suspected, but often every kind of raw food from their dining tables. […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner provides PR support for the largest online memorial for the victims of the Nazi regime

28. March 2012

32,000 brass plates on sidewalks, so-called “stumbling blocks”, are reminiscent of the victims of Nazi terror throughout Europe. Jung von Matt brings the impressive memorial now in the worldwide web. We are very happy to support you with the PR work. A Jewish proverb says: […]

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Hamburg PR agency Dederichs Reinecke & Partner supports Car of the Year 2012

28. February 2012

The international award Car of the Year is considered the most prestigious and coveted car award in the world. Every year, seven candidates enter the finals, out of which only one model emerges as Car of the Year. The jury currently has 59 journalists from […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner nominated for the International German PR Prize 2012

7. February 2012

With its project “Revival of the trotting track Hamburg Bahrenfeld” DRP is nominated at the International German PR Award 2012 in the category “Production and Live Communication”. With a series of unusual events, a supposedly “dusty” topic could be emotionally charged and provided with relevance […]

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Dederichs Reinecke & Partner with the customer Win Race on the shortlist of the PR Report Awards

2. February 2012

Horsepower we like. Gasoline-powered as well as flesh and blood. Our project “Revival of the trotting track Hamburg Bahrenfeld” was chosen among the five finalists in the category “Events and Live Communications”.  

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