Oliver Lucas in the D25 podcast: AI opportunities for the middle class.

23. July 2024

🎧 🎙 So… Monday again. All those of you who don’t want / need / should start the week in such a turbulent way can slowly get into the groove with our podcast tip of the week. What’s it all about? In the new episode […]

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Floating charging station: SolarYacht revolutionises electromobility on the water

19. July 2024

⛵ 🔌 🌞 ‘My sweetie wants to go charging with me on Sunday…’ Or my sweetie… Who knows? But probably only those of us who have already crossed the midlife equator will understand this pop song pun anyway. What we’re actually getting at: If we […]

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Celebration time on Monday: our successful apprenticeship.

10. July 2024

Well, that’s obvious again… t’s Monday. One colleague in the photo looks like he’s biting his tongue, the other one is slightly out of focus. But it doesn’t matter – because our main actor looks great and is obviously very happy. And that, in return, […]

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China’s electric car race: NOYO in the Deutsche Welle report

11. June 2024

When it comes to the opportunities, successes and challenges of electric cars, the selection of currently interviewed experts in this country is usually limited to a healthy handful of lumberjacks. And they are often not entirely impartial association representatives of the German hashtag#automotive industry. Deutsche […]

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6. June 2024

There are many reasons to be against nationalism, right-wing extremism and anti-democracy. But let’s not argue with common sense or warm values such as tolerance and humanity, but instead take a look at ice-cold economic necessities together with Handelsblatt under the heading ‘More unity, less populism’. And, […]

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Communication experts fighting anti-democracy: Deutsche Bahn sets an example against the right

17. May 2024

Standing up against anti-democracy, intolerance and right-wing extremism – who, if not us communications professionals, has a duty to speak out? Our client UNICEPTA analysed which corporate communications team has shown a particularly clear edge in this regard over the past twelve months and revealed […]

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Insider with an outside perspective: an interview with NFQ CEO Lars Jankowsky

10. May 2024

Bridge day! A short sabbatical for the workaholic. What do you post on this sunny Friday in Hamburg? Well, pictures that show how well work and life can be combined in this beautiful city. For example, on the Elbe beach. A few days ago, Lars […]

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Masterclass Skrei: Press dinner at the foodlab

2. May 2024

What a lovely time we had last night. Together with important food journalists from Gala, DER FEINSCHMECKER , essen-und-trinken.de and other great media outlets, we were treated to a masterful meal at foodlab. by arguably Germany’s best fish chef, Stefan Fäth from Hamburg’s gourmet restaurant Jellyfish. The […]

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DRP goes China: a look inside the MHero factory

24. April 2024

Group photos are always a tricky thing. There’s always at least one person who doesn’t look good in the photo, two who have missed the photo session and somebody that would like a different background. We’d say there’s always something wrong! But when the colleagues […]

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MHERO: Together towards the future

17. April 2024

To put it in the words of Bonnie Tyler. “I need a …” No, we’re not doing that right now. Even if the ball was played on Pike. Instead: The thanks are all ours. Thank you NOYO for the great collaboration, the great appreciation for […]

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