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Social media plays by its own rules. On Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and the like, communication is anything but classic.

As a brand in the Socials, it’s about showing an attitude, loosening up and learning from the fans in dialogue how they perceive the brand and how they want to be informed and entertained. The listener has become the conversation partner.

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Own rules. Own special unit: DRP/Social

Because social is not just community management or advertising channel, a presence in this digital world needs above all a strategy. And these basic considerations can only be made by those who are really at home in this environment. That’s why no one in our PR department “just goes along with” the social for customers.

Social is an independent unit within the agency, whose members, in addition to many years of experience, have the right instinct for the sound that makes the music in the social networks. It goes without saying that we work hand in hand with our PR colleagues. Because a brand message is also consistent in social terms. It is only communicated in a completely different way.

The unit at a glance:

In total, our team of 10 people from creation, consulting, community management and graphic design plays on 31 customer channels. All in all there are 500.000 fans, 100+ postings per month and in the reports more than 100.000 generated likes, shares and comments can be read. With together 50+ years experience between the team members also no miracle.

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Good content is like a tasty snack.

Social networks need their own content – if only because the majority of users now only participate in events on their smartphones. According to user behaviour, good social content comes across as a tasty little snack. Simple, visually attractive and quick to consume without cutlery.

The creation of informative, creative and entertaining content in the sense of the brand is a systematic work process. Because everything that is created and played out to brand fans via all relevant channels brings measurable results. Content production is a creative process whose products are constantly evaluated. What works well will prevail in the long run. It’s like good PR that has basically always worked according to these principles – not just since the concept of content marketing was first put up across the board.

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Content flows into channels, social and Google ads.

Only the right content mix creates interaction and reach. Only with A/B tests can you achieve optimal conversion in social ads and SEM. We meet every challenge strategically, define KPIs together and the way in which we want to achieve these goals. In everything we do, we always keep an eye on the relevance of our actions.

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Reach without relevance does not influence anyone.

Influencer and Bloggerrelations we can of course also. And above all, we can advise you on what and whether this discipline is relevant for your brand and products at all. Followers aren’t necessarily everything – neither for your brand sites nor for a feature in a popular Instagram star. To push a serious, sophisticated product on a lipstick channel with a million fans has no relevance. We identify relevant multipliers for you. And if they don’t exist, we rethink and bring your budget to bear in a more relevant place.

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