European pr agency for Youth, Kids/BABY and Education products

Germany based Public Relations consultants for school, youth, kids and baby products

Experienced parents make for ideal communicators for brands from the sector family/baby/child and adolescents. We are perfect communicators for all the ingredients needed to transform them into healthy and competent adults.

Parents face a lot of challenges and they want in-depth explanations before they buy a family related product. To have new parents trust you as a brand, you have to establish closeness and trust that is specific to this field of products and services.

The wellbeing and positive development of the offspring is the one goal of customers in this segment. If baby sleeps well, child sits well and student learns with measurable results – the brand promises have come true.

Especially in times of the Corona pandemic with hardly prepared homeschooling, another environment is gaining in importance: digitalization of education – and for us that means much more than the daily video call of the class teacher with his students via Bluebutton or Isurf.

Our family team cares for brands like they were their own children. We represent them in classical PR and on expos and coordinate influencer relations and social media activites to present the products and digital services hands-on. Our storytelling takes place on all relevant channels. Instagram, Facebook, blogs, magazines and apps and whereever today‘s parents are.

Be it a simple piece of clothing or a complex app – we generate the interest and trust needed to enter the family’s relevant set. It is all about purpose, quality and trust to enter this very personal space. That is what we do.

Our references in the field European pr agency for Youth, Kids/BABY and Education products