Hop in and listen: A podcast interview with NOYO

28. February 2024

We particularly like #podcasts when they get personal. Language is more than just voicing texts; it is precisely the #intermediate tones that can tell stories that are difficult to summarise in a string of letters. Furthermore, we can’t read a newspaper in the car, but […]

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Green waves on high sea: how Hy2gen is revolutionising the ship traffic

22. February 2024

🚢🌍 We like the Hamburg harbour. Where the big ships sleep, 120 million tonnes are handled every year. However, the ships’ diesel engines emit around one billion tonnes of #CO2 every year, making a significant contribution to #climatechange. ❗ What can we do about it?Less […]

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Celebrate with responsibility: safely through the carnival with Lime.

14. February 2024

🎉 👯‍♀️ 🤡 Carnival is celebrated just as passionately here in Hamburg as Labskaus in Cologne. What’s equally important to us: No matter what and when you celebrate, think about your safety. In short: If you’ve been drinking alcohol, get a lift or walk. Incidentally, […]

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When the phone rings twice: with rebuy in Poznan.

7. February 2024

😍 We love it when our customers allow us to take a look behind the scenes. As a side effect, it allows us to put the people who keep the business running, but tend to remain in the shadows, in the spotlight for journalists. At […]

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PR royale: petrol station & roadhouse monopoly in the ZDF

2. February 2024

🎯 One discipline that we don’t talk about much, but in which we enjoy working, is PR support for our clients in the public affairs sector. Why is that? Because it’s incredibly fun to surf the political agenda for a good cause 🏄‍♂️ or to […]

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Torqeedo talks: a podcast about electro mobility on the water

24. January 2024

“What’s the deal with podcasts?” When we first asked ourselves this open-ended question around 15 years ago, not everyone here was immediately on board. ❤️‍🔥 After all, it wasn’t just a matter of convincing our customers that credibility and proximity to the audience are sometimes […]

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From the drawer into the recycling loop: rebuy makes recycling easy.

9. January 2024

📱♻️So then: Here’s to a new year! 2024 will be a great one – that’s for sure. To make sure the good resolutions don’t disappear like Christmas cookies in the second week of January, let’s get started and clean out. Instead of throwing our old […]

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Pioneer Fastned: Opening of the first fast-charging station in the German network

22. December 2023

🎄Final round! But before we head into the festive season, our colleagues Clemens Bauer and Thomas Reinecke celebrated a real premiere today. In Düren, between Cologne and Aachen, they joined forces with Johannes Pallasch, spokesperson for the National Charging Infrastructure Control Centre andHead of Division at NOW […]

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Gifts with impact: sustainable and socially minded through the Christmas season.

13. December 2023

🔥🎄🎁Sure, giving gifts warms the heart. And receiving gifts even more so. Especially when it is done “out of the consumer box”. What we’re getting at: Let’s give differently this Christmas. More sustainably and in a better way. Because that’s important to us. If you’re […]

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Gourmet gala at St.Pauli-a tasteful evening with Norwegian Seafood Council

5. December 2023

🐟💗🍽️⭐We don’t want to waste too many words on sophisticated gastronomy culture at this point. Or about fine dining. Award winning cuisine. St. Pauli. Salmon. And yet we’re already fully into it. After all, we’re still buzzing from last night. Because it was pretty great. […]

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