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The individual development of our entire team is close to our heart, and every year we invest a decent five-digit amount in the promotion and training of all team members.

Of course we have high standards. This is something positive for us. We are service providers and consultants and want to deliver the best work. We want to be the best, we want interesting tasks and we want to be successful.

In order to achieve this, we offer our employees an open working environment, plenty of room for self-reliance and self-realization, as well as various training and continuing education opportunities for permanent further development.

Oh yes, such regulations as “pizza free from 20.00 clock” does not exist with us. Because we sit pretty sure at home at the dinner table and that pays everyone. And that’s just as well.

Each employee (as of a trainee) has an annual training budget of 1,500 euros, which can be used individually. The external seminars are selected in consultation with the respective team leader in order to achieve optimal support. We have a pool of providers that meets our quality standards and leads to successful budget use. The HR colleague collects reviews on attended seminars and makes recommendations.
In order to optimize the possibilities of further education, we book experts for internal workshops for which our colleagues can register. This reduces the costs, for example for a text seminar, many times over those of external providers. Naturally, participation in these workshops is voluntary and, like external seminars, naturally takes place during working hours.

We regularly invite experts (such as editors) to tell us about your work. This “outside the box” helps us stay up to date on relevant topics.

Ideas, facts, knowledge, but also to present yourself, is an important part of any communication. To convince (in front of one or even a hundred listeners), is a lot of courage. And of course, exercise. Therefore, from trainee to junior advisor, our employees regularly present before the “big round” to “fine-tune” their skills. The experienced colleagues are at your side. We will be talking about interesting topics that will help us all. This may include your own master’s thesis. But the experienced employees also share their knowledge in interesting lectures.

Agency Breakfast
Every two months there is an extensive agency breakfast with us. That there is delicious food is clear. Much more important, however, are the opportunities for exchange with colleagues. Two teams each present their current projects and present case studies of special actions. In addition, the managing directors give an outlook on the business development.

Agency Wiki
In the agency wiki we collect the knowledge of our agency. It is used and updated daily by the staff. We do not think in terms of teamwork, but always in the interests of the agency and the customers. Incidentally, they appreciate that we always think “around the corner” to connect customers. The knowledge about which photographer you can book in Berlin and which cooperation partners are actually suitable for the topic “children and young people” are stored in the agency wiki. Thus, there is no “mastery of knowledge” with us, but “swarming knowledge”, which brings everyone further and optimizes the processes.

Feedback talks are the basis of cooperation. Everyone needs to know where he stands and what is expected of him. Only then can disappointment and dissatisfaction be avoided on both sides. Every three months, we have feedback sessions – from interns to senior consultants. And the management also regularly receives feedback from the workforce – in the form of an anonymous survey. As with everything, we are also on clear, open words.

Stammtisch and Celebrations
The colleagues cohesion is capitalized with us. We are very happy that our offspring (from trainee to junior advisor) meets every month for the regulars’ table. The first beer always goes to the agency. Celebrating together is part of our corporate culture. In the process, you get to know your colleagues from a completely different perspective. But we always say: “Schnapps is schnapps” and “work is work”.

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