Of course, we see battery-powered electromobility as the way forward for passenger car propulsion. But how can we decarbonise industries for which the switch to battery-powered e-mobility would be neither economically nor energetically efficient?

The start-up Hy2gen provides concrete answers to these questions with the production of green hydrogen and e-fuels such as green ammonia and biomethanol. The use of fuel cells and synthetic fuels has the potential to make entire industries CO2-neutral and, above all, to revolutionise shipping, aviation and the energy-intensive steel and aluminium industries.

We at DRP have recognised the forward-looking potential of green hydrogen and have been supporting Hy2gen AG since mid-2021 with international PR work, especially in the core markets of Germany, France and Norway. In doing so, we draw on a network of partner agencies and freelancers who are proven experts in this very specialised field.

The communication goal: to position Hy2gen‘s top management as thought leaders in the field of energy transition and green hydrogen.