Electric commercial vehicles are the market of the future – Christian von Hösslin, Andreas Pfeffer and Thomas Wächter from Startup I SEE Electric Trucks have recognized this. With their decades of experience in the fields of electromobility, production and sales, the Offenbach-based start-up is offering the Opel Vivaro and Movano as electric versions and aims to rid urban commercial traffic of particulate matter and CO2. Opel supplies the cars, I SEE upgrades the combustion engine and installs its own technology developed in coordination with Opel. Special vehicles are to follow. I SEE is also developing the technology to convert tens of thousands of old city buses to electric drive.

Starting with the kick-off communication for the market launch, we will explain in a holistic digital and classic way why electric commercial vehicles are the spearhead of electric mobility. We do this with a lot of passion and expertise, because we have been working in the fields of e-mobility, alternative drives and locomotion for around 7 years now. And not only we find the topic exciting, but also the press. In addition to Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche, all important trade media have already reported on ISEE’s electric transporters.