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No Regrets Blog

Baileys Chocolate brings together what belongs together: the worldwide beloved cream liqueur from Ireland with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. Who can resist? At least not us.

But while Baileys is known around the globe and stands for great enjoyment, its chocolate-covered little sister, Baileys Chocolate, has long remained a mysterious unknown. Giving this brand a face and putting it in the spotlight with the right messages is our mission.

And we do this successfully on our blog, No Regrets Magazine, which was created especially for the brand. Our message, for which Baileys Chocolate is always the sender, is very simple: Baileys Chocolate wants to set an example with No Regrets and encourage women to enjoy without compromise. True to the motto: Your life – your pleasure.

And this is what all the women say for whom No Regrets rolls out the red carpet so that they can tell their very own story on our stage. Intimate, exciting, surprising, unusual or funny, in short stories, little anecdotes or detailed interviews they let us participate in their lives and grant inspiring insights into the secret of their very own, but always uncompromisingly lived out pleasure culture. Women who stand for a clear attitude: I enjoy my life the way I want to. And there is only one thing I certainly do not do – apologize for this freedom.

Our blog is the home for these stories. But not only that: It is also a digital platform for product presentations, sampling, raffles and the extension of POS activations. An all-round talent in the truest sense.

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