Berliner Brandstifter


It has been on the market since the end of 2009 and the fire has already spread from Berlin to the rest of the republic. Berliner Brandstifter, a seven-filtered premium grain from the capital, is igniting its way through the country’s trendy gastronomy with increasing speed. The noble grain is characterized by its exceptionally high purity and its particularly mild taste. Each bottle of Brandstifter is handcrafted and unique. It is produced only in small editions of 1,000 pieces each, bottled by hand and numbered.

We support Berliner Brandstifter in the areas of public relations, brand development and positioning. The interesting thing about Brandstifter for us is the multi-layered communication of a brand in the field of tension between the grounded product Korn itself and the lifestyle aspect of an urban nightlife product. This makes the Berliner Brandstifter a real novelty in the scene gastronomy. Media such as the New York Times, in which we were able to place the Brandstifter, now also see it that way.

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