“Already today, almost every third person sells things from their own household to consciously contribute to the circular economy. This is a good start, but this share should increase in the future.” Philipp Gattner, CEO of the recommerce company rebuy.

Also: never has more e-waste been produced than today. Without talking things down: While we avoid meat and switch to bicycles, the global community is sitting on an ever-growing mountain of waste consisting of around 52 million tonnes of cables, plastic, but also valuable raw materials such as gold, cobalt or silicon. With their business case, recommerce companies such as rebuy ensure that the mountain of electronic waste becomes smaller. Every smartphone, tablet or electronic gadget that is sold second-hand remains in the cycle and prevents a new purchase elsewhere. 

With our work for rebuy, we strengthen awareness for the circular economy in the media. In addition to classic PR work, our agenda includes the selection, placement and implementation of speaker slots as well as the conception and implementation of our own media events.