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Our client acqua-di-hamburg is a local startup whose mission is to export the flair of our beautiful city in the form of fragrance. The product range of four fragrances represents the very different faces of the port city and Elbe metropolis Hamburg.

The brand started at POS near typical tourist attractions, intended as a high-end souvenir for out-of-town visitors.

To establish the brand as THE scent of Hamburg, we developed a content strategy for Instagram and Facebook. The driving idea was to be the pioneer when it comes to the maximum range of perspectives on Hamburg. Hamburg is diversity. Hamburg is its people.

An important part of our ADHH content strategy is to be the place where all the interesting facts, weird thoughts and apt memes about Hamburg converge. The history, the lifestyle, the ship owners and the red light, the overall cabbage of ingredients that makes life here so lovable and interesting. The high interkation rates show us that our ideas strike a chord with fans. Organic reach is valuable, but with smart creation you can get it. And for the brand, it’s worth its weight in gold.

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