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ÖPSO – room fragance goes organic. Launching a brand on the German market in time of Corona lockdown was really special. But for our customer ÖPSO we saw the problem as a chance. As german customers are buying more and more organic food and think about their environmental footprint, we found the timing perfect to introduce the organic alternative to chemical air fresheners.

Just telling the positive story of sustainable production in a forest of the Spanish Estremadura region, does not create reach on Facebook. We decided for a provocative paid media campaign and paired it with positive content for organic reach. Basically, we asked why anyone who buys organic food would even consider polluting their own home with a chemical smelling product, that is just good enough for a public bathroom.

While the distribution of ÖPSO fragrances began filling the shelves in all major drugstores in Germany, we collected insights and a lot of photos of customers’ product usage by conducting a major tester-campaign. Interaction rates went through the roof and the feedback delivered precious insights for our customers about the reception of brand and product. The campaign was so successful, it even made our team become happy ÖPSO users.

More info at: www.opsofragrances.com