With their online job agency Mylittlejob (now, Hamburg-based startup founders Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig and Daniel Barke have filled a gap in the digital job market. They use the power of crowdsourcing, i.e. the outsourcing of traditionally internal subtasks to several external freelancers via the Internet, specifically for the placement of more qualitatively demanding jobs with students. Companies benefit from the “power of the swarm” just as much as prospective academics.

The platform focuses on text creation, including product descriptions or web content. In addition, research activities, data entry, usability tests, web and graphic design jobs, digitization work, technical translations or programming of IT modules are carried out. The now 100 clients range from architects to law firms, real estate agencies, marketing agencies, engineers, IT companies and tour operators to SEO agencies.

Our task as a PR agency:
Strategic consulting, press relations, topic identification as well as picking up on business topics that are relevant on a daily basis.