Mobility 4.0

As the world’s leading developer of automotive LIDAR systems, Ibeo Automotive Systems has been developing various systems for optical distance and speed measurement in road traffic for around 20 years. Ibeo uses laser scanners, i.e. LIDAR systems (acronym for light detection and ranging). LIDAR technology is already making vehicles safer today through various assistance systems. And if the car is to drive largely autonomously in future, these systems will play a key role. Speaking of the main role: This is where we come in. Our ongoing PR work is ensuring that the trade and consumer media learn more about Ibeo and the LIDAR technology developed by the company, placing specialist articles and answering questions about the future of self-propelled mobility.

We find mobility 4.0 highly exciting. From innovative electromobility concepts and cell chemistry in electric car batteries to complete vehicle presentations – forward-looking automotive technology has been one of our core competencies for many years. As a technology developer, Ibeo plays a key role when it comes to autonomous driving. Communicating the issues involved is not only the logical consequence of our work to date, but is also simply great fun because of the many people and stories behind it.