Anything but thin ice for DRP

Since 1943, the world’s most successful ice show HOLIDAY ON ICE has thrilled its audience every year with a completely new show. The ingredients: Acrobatics and figure skating at the highest level with elements of theater, dance, opera, pop, magic and musical. The result: world-class live entertainment for every age group. Spectacular, state-of-the-art technology and unique stagecraft put more than 40 professionally trained figure skaters and artists – including national and international champions and Olympians – in the perfect light. More than 330 million visitors have seen a production of HOLIDAY ON ICE, which has set itself the goal of raising the bar for ice shows every year. DRP supports the ice entertainment producer in making the 2021/2022 season a new chapter in the success story. The new show A NEW DAY is touring 23 cities in Germany with a total of 140 shows.