Soberly speaking, you can also lead a happy life with apple juice from a tetrapack or lukewarm water without fizz. And if we drink alcohol, then of course only in homeopathic doses. Well, most of us. During the day. What we actually wanted to say: Asceticism is great, but every now and then you have to enjoy life. And high-quality spirits are much better for that than cheap booze from the gas station.

We are accompanying the relaunch of the Wemyss Malts Core range: three blended malt Scotch whisky varieties from Wemyss: The Hive – with a clear honey note, Spice King – distinctively spicy and Peat Chimney – pleasantly smoky. These varieties will soon be available in the new look of bottle and label, which gives an accurate impression of the flavors of the respective whiskies. This will enable both whisky novices and experts to select the three whiskies based on their flavor profiles, rather than having to follow difficult-to-follow traditional whisky regions or category divisions.

In addition to the full range of media relations in relevant trade and consumer media across all channels – analog and digital – our brief also includes the conception and execution of influencer relations and collaborations. Cheers then. Or “Slàinte”, as the Scots say.