🛒 Communication for customer understanders

With customer loyalty it’s the same as in any good relationship: if you don’t know your counterpart, you may land a lucky strike, but it will probably remain a one-night stand. In short: If you as a retailer or service provider do not know your customers, you cannot build up a loyal relationship with them and make attractive, helpful or appreciative individual offers that ultimately motivate them to buy and bind customers in the long term.

This conviction is the foundation of Ingenico Marketing Solutions (IMS): As a full-service provider, IMS covers all disciplines necessary for long-term customer loyalty: The portfolio of services includes the technological infrastructure as well as the development and support of loyalty and gift card programs, integrated payment and data analytics services and the intelligent control and implementation of various customer touch points.

Currently, the team of around 100 consultants, software developers, data analysts and creative professionals as retail and marketing experts is responsible for more than 100 programs in nine European countries with around 140 million customer contacts.

We support IMS in the further development of its overall brand and communication strategy as well as the conception, implementation and placement of guest contributions, interviews, white papers and studies.

And we look forward to receiving such wonderful contributions as the IMS trend check in Internet World Business.