Dederichs Reinecke & Partner provides PR support for the largest online memorial for the victims of the Nazi regime

32,000 brass plates on sidewalks, so-called “stumbling blocks”, are reminiscent of the victims of Nazi terror throughout Europe. Jung von Matt brings the impressive memorial now in the worldwide web. We are very happy to support you with the PR work.

A Jewish proverb says: “A person is forgotten only when his name is forgotten”. With his art project “Stolpersteine” the artist Gunter Demnig wants to maintain the memory of the victims of the National Socialist dictatorship.

In 750 cities across Europe, the stumbling blocks, located in front of the last freely chosen place of residence, remind us of the deportation of Jews, homosexuals, Sinti & Roma, the disabled and opposition. Thus, Demnig has created the world’s largest decentralized memorial for the victims of the Third Reich. brings this memorial to the digital world so that people all over the world and above all young people can “stumble” in their “home medium” against forgetting online.The idea for the online project came from the advertising agency Jung by Matt PR and social media support is provided by the Hamburg PR agency Dederichs Reinecke & Partner.

At you will find all 4,075 Hamburg stumbling blocks that have been laid so far, followed by other German cities. Also on different German websites one stumbles virtually over stones in banner form. It is also planned to develop offers for schools and integrate them into the site. In addition, cooperations with other history portals such as are being planned. The campaign is also supported offline. In significant places are Citylight posters with city map motif, where you can find the stones of the immediate area.

Anyone can participate: The online banners are available for download bereit.