🌐 DRP in the Comvort-Zone

With a clear position and competence we control the communication of our customers not only through the domestic sea, but for many years also in international waters. We play all relevant disciplines in the interest of our clients: analogue, digital, social – from conception, creation and implementation to documentation and evaluation of the results. From the worldwide car premiere at CES in Las Vegas and Shanghai, to road shows with stops in Milan, Munich, Oslo and Amsterdam, to the classic EMEA product publicity – been there, done that… And very successfully so.

And because we know, despite our longing for the big wide world, that one is always best where at home, we have been regularly calling on strong regional partners outside the DACH region for over two decades – with the best contacts in the regional media landscape and a great understanding of how communication in their home country ticks.

As a partner of Comvort, the world’s largest and most successful network of owner-managed agencies, we have been increasing our clout in international projects since the beginning of 2020. With a selection of around 1,000 agencies worldwide – we are guaranteed to find the right colleagues for every project. Whether in the USA, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, technology, food, automotive or lifestyle – the lead is where our customers need it.

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