DRP wins rebuy: Agenda setting for recommerce and circular economy

“Already today, almost one in three sells things from their own household to consciously contribute to the circular economy. This is a good start, but this share should become larger in the future.” Says Philipp Gattner, CEO of the recommerce company rebuy, and wants to close the gap between the positive intentions of consumers and the practical realities with rebuy’s offer, service and communication. And thus encourage people to contribute to the circular economy through their own consumer behavior. 

This also involves avoiding e-waste: never before has more e-waste been produced than today. Within five years, the amount of electrical equipment disposed of worldwide has risen by more than 20 percent. This is a problem that is hardly ever discussed in public. We buy meat according to farming methods or don’t eat meat at all, ride bicycles instead of cars, and rightly question our behavior. While we do this, the global community is sitting on an ever-growing mountain of waste consisting of around 52 million tons of cables, plastic, but also valuable raw materials such as gold, cobalt or silicon (figures: Global E-Waste Index 2020). With their business case, recommerce companies like rebuy are ensuring that the e-waste mountain is getting smaller. Every smartphone, tablet or electronic gadget that is sold second-hand remains in the cycle and prevents a new purchase elsewhere. 

“We need many more companies in the future that are part of the solution. Which, in a positive sense, help us to question our actions, and concretely support us in changing our behavior. Recommerce companies have long offered the same standards in terms of guarantee, price/performance and transaction security as traditional or online retail, but are clearly the better choice from an ecological point of view. We are very pleased to support the communication team of rebuy in the future. Together, we want to raise awareness of the topic of circular economy and thus bring about a change in consumer behavior,” says Christoph Lapczyna, rebuy project manager at DRP. 

In addition to media relations, the DRP agenda also includes the selection, placement and implementation of speaker slots as well as the conception and implementation of media events for rebuy.