Founder story in the Abendblatt: how the Wobie Box eases the daily routine of parents

“I’ve got an idea…” It takes the right audience to turn clever thoughts into functioning business models. PR is the key to this. And start-up stories like Volker Mester‘s in today’s Hamburger Abendblatt are the many small success stories that make our profession one of the best in the world of work.

All the better when the products, such as the Wobie Box from Karsten and Fee Fröiland here, also “de-stress” the daily routine of parents in a very concrete and extremely sustainable way.

Great startup portrait, dear Luise Klingenberg and team colleagues, that you’ve brought to the stage here. We’re sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Wobie Box. 🎧 📢 🧒

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