Home game in the Harbor

The Port of Hamburg we love. Relax at the beach pearl. Fish roll on the hand. Astra tuber in the fist. 24-hour shifts in the container terminal. Maloche for doers. And on the harbor ferries let a stiff breeze blow around your nose. Okay – we could go on talking like that for hours. But eventually it gets boring. And the port really did not deserve that. Instead, short: Bimmelimmelimm – our colleague Hanna rings the New Business bell again. With the Discovery Dock and the operator DuMont Media GmbH, we have gained a new PR customer who lets our maritime heart throb. The Discovery Dock is an interactive world of experiences opposite the Elbphilharmonie in the middle of Hamburg’s HafenCity, which uses virtual reality technology, projections, live simulations, sound and light effects to bring the Port of Hamburg to life virtually. A rendezvous with the woolen hand crab, as customs investigators smugglers on the track or with the megacrane to maneuver containers – here the visitors of Hamburg experience pulsating hearts day and night from completely new perspectives. Let’s say: full speed ahead!

Image: Florian Quandt