Lime: Let’s juice it up!

E-scooters on the sidewalk – it’s a pain in the ass. Everyone thinks so, we think so too. The problem must be solved. The good news is: the solution is at hand. Because the most important step is a shift in public perception. Our approach: precise communication with reliable data. Fortunately, our new client Lime thinks the same way.
Urban mobility concepts must be rethought and the dominance of the car must be ended. After all, most car trips in Germany are shorter than seven kilometers, and often only one person is actually moving. Whether scooter or bike, it’s time for a new concept for urban transport: fewer cars, more sustainable and emission-free solutions.   
We are happy to be working with people who offer new mobility solutions. With Lime, we have another partner at our side who is driving the “Verkehrswende”, the traffic turnaround. With a thorough roadmap and fully transparent. Because especially with polarizing topics, clear and fact-based communication are needed. This is the only way we can position our clients credibly in the public and drive the message home.  

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