Masterclass Skrei: Press dinner at the foodlab

What a lovely time we had last night. Together with important food journalists from Gala, DER FEINSCHMECKER , and other great media outlets, we were treated to a masterful meal at foodlab. by arguably Germany’s best fish chef, Stefan Fäth from Hamburg’s gourmet restaurant Jellyfish.

The occasion: On behalf of our client Norwegian Seafood Council, we said goodbye to skrei, the winter cod that is only available until mid/end of April because it then swims back to the Arctic Ocean. If it doesn’t end up on our plates before then.

Not only did we enjoy it, but we also listened very carefully to the invited media representatives about what they would like to see in the next skrei season. This is particularly important to us: after all, especially in food PR, the bait has to taste good to the fish and not the angler. To stay in the picture here.

Thank you dear kristin pettersen for this opportunity and the great collaboration!

Thanks to Stefan and Anton for the masterpieces on the plate!

And of course to our colleagues Julia Hinze and Lisa Pielenz for their great work.