Bicycles are a fine thing. Cheap to buy, clean for the environment and good for your tummy. For years, arguments against these three good reasons included the inner pig, the unwillingness to arrive sweaty at the office or having to ride long distances uphill. At the latest with the invention of e-bikes and pedelecs, these excuses no longer count. Perhaps this is why the trend towards electric motorised bicycles continues unabated. In 2020 alone, the market share of electrically powered bicycles in Germany increased by 23 percent. And the trend is rising sharply.

To ensure that the advantages of electrically motorised bicycles are not reserved for people with fat wallets, the company Leon Cycle was founded in Hanover in 2014. Leon Cycle develops, produces and sells innovative, high-quality and at the same time cost-effective pedelecs and the associated technology for a worldwide market under the brand name. A great success story, in 2020 Leon Cycle sold over 35,000 e-bikes in Germany alone.

We like companies that are part of the solution, not the problem. We have had a big heart for alternative drives for over a decade. Leon Cycle’s e-bikes combine these passions and are a real alternative in micro-mobility. The brand is lifting the product out of the luxury niche. In order to tell these stories, but above all to make a broad public aware of the many advantages of this uncomplicated form of mobility, we have been pedalling hard in terms of PR for a few weeks now. We are particularly targeting dialogue groups that have had little contact with bicycles or e-bikes up to now. Let’s go. The mobile revolution has begun. And we’re already cycling ahead.