For almost a year now, we have been working to offset the agency’s carbon footprint. Today, we can proudly announce that all professional and private activities of our employees are climate neutral.   

The agency and its employees produce greenhouse gases. We can limit this, but not completely prevent it: Energy consumption, use of materials or the employees’ commutes are typical sources of CO2. In addition to the medium-term switch to sustainable products and suppliers, our sustainability team is working intensively on reducing our emissions or offsetting them. We have chosen Planted as our partner for this process.  

The Cologne-based start-up Planted has made it its mission to curb climate change and supports companies on their way to Net Zero. In close cooperation with Planted, we offset our emissions and plant our own agency forest, among other things.  

To begin our green journey to carbon neutrality, we created a life cycle assessment. All CO2 emissions of the agency and agency employees were recorded and then offset by Planted. The result: DRP causes approximately 55 t of CO2 emissions annually.   

The calculation showed that almost half of the emissions are caused by the activities of our teams. In order to offset the professional as well as the private activities, we already compensate the CO2 emissions with climate certificates from Planted. As part of this project, a tree is also planted every month for each employee, thus creating an agency-owned mixed forest near Hamburg.   

Investments in international climate protection projects are planned as the next steps. Through the employee certificates, we are already offsetting a little less than half of our total emissions – now we are tackling the remaining approximately 30 t of CO2. Our goal is also to achieve the best possible reduction of all climate-damaging activities. To this end, we have already changed various processes, including purchasing, energy consumption and business travel.   

One thing is clear to us: this is by no means the end of our green journey. It has only just begun.