PR with heart and fin? Is us salmon! And skrei! And fjord trout anyway!

is one of the healthiest and most diverse foods ever. Crystal-clear fjords and nutrient-rich waters off the Norwegian coast guarantee perfect quality; strict fishing quotas ensure high sustainability. Whether salmon, cod, skrei or fjord trout, carefully caught wild catch or from sustainable aquaculture – fish from Norway have conquered the hearts and palates of top chefs and gourmets worldwide.

In order for everyone to know that in Germany too, DRP has taken on the entire PR work in the B2B and B2C sector for the Norwegian Fisheries Association Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC). In close cooperation with the customer, strategies and measures for communication of high quality and health benefits through the regular enjoyment of Norwegian fish are developed and implemented.

“The variety in the preparation and the many positive health aspects have made fish from Norway popular worldwide. Through continuous consumer education, we ensure that sustainability and responsibility also come to the table, as here too Norway has been playing a pioneering role for decades, “reveals Katrin Firchau, Head of the Food Unit.