Those who sleep better are more beautiful awake

People who sleep well not only have fewer wrinkles on their faces in the morning, but also a full battery and a much better mood. And because sleep is the most natural thing in the world, the corresponding accessories, i.e. mattresses or bed linen, should also be sustainable in production and free of harmful substances. Our new customer Kadolis produces mattresses and bed linen for toddlers, children and adults in an uncompromisingly natural way from natural fibres or raw materials such as natural latex or organic cotton. This is not only great for us, but also for more and more health-conscious Kadolis customers.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have been supporting Kadolis with PR and influencer relations to increase their brand awareness in Germany. “For our new client Kadolis, we can combine two of our core competencies and passions. We have a high level of expertise when it comes to products for children and parents and are burning for sustainable products whose production not only makes the world, but also the lives of users a little better every day. Accordingly, we are very excited about winning the budget and working for a topic that is becoming increasingly important. The importance of healthy sleep deserves much more attention,” says our colleague and team leader Social Media Raphaela.