Torqeedo talks: a podcast about electro mobility on the water

“What’s the deal with podcasts?” When we first asked ourselves this open-ended question around 15 years ago, not everyone here was immediately on board. ❤️‍🔥 After all, it wasn’t just a matter of convincing our customers that credibility and proximity to the audience are sometimes more important than some calculated reach of rural weekly newspapers 📰. There were also other issues: Can we really let our customers in front of the microphone 🎤 and thus into a partially uncontrolled situation? Do they really want that? Or are we forcing them into positions where they “talk themselves into trouble” out of sheer podcast infatuation?

Today we know that most challenges can be solved very well with good preparation, including clear messages. As a result, podcasts are not only fun for those involved, but also for the listeners. For example, in this podcast from Elektroautomobil, in which our customer Fabian Bez from Torqeedo presents exciting facts about electromobility on the water ⛵
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