Digitisation of order management in the catering industry

Choco digitalises the entire supply chain in the catering industry and brings restaurants, suppliers and producers together on a common digital platform. Choco makes it easy to order and offer goods via Messenger. By optimising purchasing processes, customers save time, money and food. Founded in 2018, Choco became a unicorn in April 2022 and is currently in markets such as the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium.

Since March 2022, we have been handling the PR work for Choco and ensuring that the business and food press are duly informed about the high-flyer. Publications in FAZ, Wirtschaftswoche, Handelsblatt and on speak volumes. In addition to classic PR work, we support Choco with high-profile trade fair appearances.

Choco is committed to the fight against food waste in the catering industry and has thus put the spotlight on an important problem of our time. We are proud to be part of it all.