Celebrate with responsibility: safely through the carnival with Lime.

🎉 👯‍♀️ 🤡 Carnival is celebrated just as passionately here in Hamburg as Labskaus in Cologne. What’s equally important to us: No matter what and when you celebrate, think about your safety. In short: If you’ve been drinking alcohol, get a lift or walk. Incidentally, this also applies to micromobility services such as e-scooters and the like. 🛴

And because we are convinced that you can’t say this often enough, we are all the more pleased to have brought the topic back to the forefront for our customer Lime. For example, in the Insta-Reels of the Tagesschau in a target group-orientated way. Let’s make the world a little safer together. 🌍

Celebrate With Responsibility: Safely Through The Carnival With Lime.