Clean thing: With the super-sucker against mega-Mief

Fine dust, nitrogen oxides, pollen – we find the life in the city super, but sometimes just very awkward. “Must not be,” thought clever developers from northern Germany and invented the city purifier Purevento. The sucked on a large scale polluted air z. B. from intersections and blows them on the pedestrian side as a purified breeze in sea air quality again. 40,000 cubic meters of air are cleaned per hour – the volume of 1,200 containers. Operation can be CO2-neutral with electricity from renewable sources. “Smart technology with a direct added value for people, that’s what we like to do,” says Manuel Krieg, who heads the technology unit here. DRP is doing the media work for Purevento and already in the first weeks with reports from Spiegel Online on Handelsblatt to Automobilwoche for the media stage that has earned Purevento.