Electrifying success: how Fastned is revolutionizing the charging infrastructure

Wow! What a success story… With the concept of making charging infrastructure not only visible, but also particularly service-orientated, the provider Fastned has been in the fast lane for over ten years. And far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. There are now around 300 charging stations with the distinctive yellow roof in Europe – and the number is growing all the time.

We have been accompanying Fastned’s journey into the future of electromobility for almost exactly three years now. We love long-term relationships. Especially when they’re so much fun.

Fastned has just won part of the tender for the German network from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport. Fastned’s Country Manager for Germany, Linda Boll, reveals to Mobility Portal Europe why the expansion is not always so easy, especially in Germany, and why free competition in the charging infrastructure sector means more quality.

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