🧰 Finally a DIY Startup

There are tasks that can only be solved by analog. Drilling holes in walls – no app can do that. Sanding the floor. Pumping out the basement — I think you get the point. To make all these small and large jobs easy to do, you need? That’s right – really good tools. But where do you get them when your dad’s tool cellar is far away, the hardware stores are closed and money is not so easy to come by? The solution is digital again. It’s called Kurt’s Toolbox and it’s a pretty ingenious app for 24/7 tool rental. There are now ten fully automated rental stations and Kurts Toolbox is soon to be present in every major German city.

And because good communication also helps, we took on the kick-off PR for the likeable founding team – Kurt actually exists “in real life”. In addition to PR standards such as startup news, we will above all tell stories as part of our work: Of the digitalization of traditional business models, disruption and startups as new solvers of old problems. We’re looking forward to it. Because without tools, the doer is just a wisher.

More details here.