From the drawer into the recycling loop: rebuy makes recycling easy.

📱♻️So then: Here’s to a new year! 2024 will be a great one – that’s for sure. To make sure the good resolutions don’t disappear like Christmas cookies in the second week of January, let’s get started and clean out. Instead of throwing our old smartphones in the junk drawer, let’s give them a second life and bring them back into circulation. Not only is this good for the #environment, but it also puts a little money back into our consumption-strapped purse.

How this works with refurbished #smartphones and Co. is also shown in one of our best December clippings, which describes the refurbishing process of our customer Rebuy recommerce GmbH. So – head to the newsstand and buy the latest issue of Mac & I. Every step will make you loose some Christmas pounds.

From The Drawer Into The Recycling Loop: Rebuy Makes Recycling Easy.