The CES Las Vegas is not only the world’s largest trade show when it comes to electronics, gadgets and future technologies, but also for years our best holiday experience just after the holidays.

For our customers BYTON and Ibeo Automotive we have been there again in 2020 and take a lot of inspiration and knowledge with us to Hamburg. Here are the five thoughts that our CEO and Tekkie Thomas Reinecke is taking back to Hamburg. A detailed interview with Thomas on the latest technology trends will be available here in a few days – when the jet lag is gone.

  1. The trade fair for gadgets and communication technology has in many places changed into a car show. Why? Because the car of tomorrow is no longer defined by horsepower, but by entertainment possibilities, networking, comfort and autonomous driving. CES is fun where development departments can really go crazy – like with the Avatar Mercedes. Or just as attractive: forward-looking technology that will soon be available for purchase – such as the BYTON M-Byte.

  2. The current projects of entertainment companies prove that electric drives are reshuffling the cards of the automotive industry. Because suddenly companies like Sony, for example, are coming around the corner with cool concepts and are becoming potential car manufacturers. The engineering services for the automotive part are bought in from suppliers such as Bosch, Ibeo, Conti or ZF, while the electronics know-how comes from within the company.

  3. After Nevada released marijuana two years ago, the whole city smells of weed. And from almost every corner of Las Vegas. Except CES. I don’t think they smoke weed at CES. I think they’re just intoxicated with the technology.

  4. Health-tech and robotics, for example in the care sector, can and will provide answers to the challenges of an increasingly ageing society, but they also generate questions of ethics and AI. Many innovations presented at CES prove that this balancing act can indeed succeed. Intelligent prostheses, in particular, will in future compensate for physical impairments to a considerable extent. This is what inspires us. Admittedly, the care robots are a bit scary, but it is still fascinating to see how they now imitate human emotions.

  5. Against the staging at the CES, the booths at traditional European trade fairs look as old-fashioned as digital experts in the German Bundestag. At the CES, people everywhere play, touch, marvel at. And on all levels. Even the sky was played here – with artificial cloud writing over Las Vegas. Rigor mortis included.