Puppy protection over: Three new apprentices successfully brought into the pack

Trial time is over. After about five months of training, our trainees Niklas Wittkämper, Patrick Möller and Lion Stoldt have officially lost their puppy protection and are now fully-fledged pack members. The two prospective merchants marketing communication (Patrick and Lion) and office management (Niklas) were able to successfully steal their lead wolves and dissect the confetti regularly during their impulse lectures.

Our HR colleague Ina Freilinger puts it differently, and as usual, clearly and objectively: “We have been training for more than 15 years and have always had very positive experiences with our trainees. The ideas, experiences and new perspectives that they bring to the agency every day are extremely valuable to us and often challenge what has already been experienced. “

So, welcome to the pack, go out and discover forests, meadows and new hunting grounds.