UFC® and DRP go into the third round

With around 280 million fans, UFC® is the world’s largest pay-per-view event organizer. About 40 live events are broadcast annually in 163 countries, reaching more than a billion TV households. The athletes who compete with each other in the Octagon in a mix of different martial arts have long since become international sports elite. Sure, mixed martial arts are as strategic as chess, but definitely more physical than halma. In short, it’s about time to get down to business. That is why we have first of all done some educational work. Fixed rules instead of toppings, top sports instead of brawls – with clever storytelling, exciting interviews and successful cooperations, we were able to educate the public on the content of UFC events in 2015 and clear up prejudices. And not only in the tabloid and sports press, but also in media like Spiegel Online, the Manager Magazin or the Handelsblatt. One year later – in 2016 – the event PR for the Kampfnacht followed in the barclaycard arena, which was sold out within a few weeks. In 2018 we will make the hat-trick perfect. The UFC returns to the Barclaycard Arena. And we make sure that everyone realizes that.