European PR Agency for Start-ups

PR-consulting for young companies/brands

Communication for start-ups works according to its own rules. How do you create buzz? A big press conference at CES in Las Vegas or an exclusive story with Spiegel Online, Gründerszene, Mashable or Interesting Engineering? Or a smaller impact with an influencer, blogger or podcast? In which country do you launch first? Is the funding story round or do the founders have skeletons in their closets? How do you engage investors? Message house, basic press kit, wording, FAQs, boiler plate, media training…. 

Over the past 25 years, we have advised, coached, criticized, trained, comforted, grilled, roasted, and pushed countless startups at the communications kickoff. We’ve experienced just about everything in the process. And yet, every job is different. But common sense and experience help immensely – as a PR-agency for start-ups, we have both.   

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